Ezra Weiss

From Maxville to Vanport (2018)

Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble From Maxville to Vanport
  1. Oregon Sounds Like Freedom
  2. What Do Your Trees Tell You?
  3. Woman’s Work
  4. Marjorie
  5. Stacked-Deck Hand
  6. Water
  7. Maxville to Vanport

Music by Ezra Weiss
Lyrics by S. Renee Mitchell

Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble

Marilyn Keller – voice
Lee Elderton – soprano sax, clarinet
John Savage – alto sax, flute
Rob Davis – tenor sax, clarinet
Mieke Bruggeman – bari sax, bass clarinet
Douglas Detrick and Farnell Newton – trumpet, flugelhorn
John Moak and Denzel Mendoza – trombone
Ryan Meagher – guitar
Jasnam Daya Singh – piano
Bill Athens – bass
Ken Ollis – drums

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Photography by Vanished Twin
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