Ezra Weiss

The Ezra Weiss Fake Book

The Ezra Weiss Fake Book is a collection of 30 original jazz compositions by composer/pianist Ezra Weiss. The instrumental and vocal pieces here range from simple to complex, easy to challenging, and traditional to innovative, adding depth and originality to any band’s repertoire. Ideal for bandleaders, musicians, educators, and students.

Contents: Before You Know It, Blues for Shirley, Capricorn, The Clown Feature, The Dancer, Don’t Need No Ticket, Family Song, The Five A.M. Strut, For the Youngins, I Regret, I Wish I’d Met You, Jessie’s Song, Kunlangeta, Laugh at Yourself, Lord Give Me Wings, May the Most You Wish For, Now That You Mention It, One for Wendell, Our Path to This Moment, Persephone, Rise and Fall, Run Under the Fountatin, Shirley Horn’s Sound of Love, Symmetrics, Tea Shells, Three Little Sisters, A Time for Healing, Waiting, What I Can Never Say, Winter Machine

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C Instruments (Treble Clef) – piano, flute, violin, oboe, voice, guitar, recorder

C Instruments (Bass Clef) – bass, trombone, tuba, bassoon, cello

Bb Instruments – trumpet, clarinet, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone

Eb Instruments – alto saxophone, baritone saxophone


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